Welcome to Val di Sole at the Liberty Hotel Malé
Winter news 2021/2022
New Liberty rooms available from early August 2021, our highest standard, wooden floors, equipped
with minibar, safe, hairdryer, smart LED TV. 
We recommend booking free ski weeks and periods with hotel + skipass package prices
well in advance as the distribution system for ski passes has changed, this for a better quotation and
to avoid possible quotas.
Spring, summer, autumn
Val di Sole offers unforgettable days in both summer and winter. It is a unique valley with its own
100 lakes with crystal clear, turquoise colors that offer visitors a spectacular setting.
You will have the opportunity to discover the unspoiled nature of the Stelvio National Park and the Park
Natural Adamello Brenta. Here you will experience a holiday dedicated to sport, relaxation, art and
culture. 100% holiday in Trentino.
Sanitary standards
As the owner and manager of the hotel I state that the structure carefully observes the
law enforcement devices issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Ministry of Health
to covid 19 and to legionella disease which I summarize briefly:
  1)  At present, the hotel regulations require the green pass to be compulsory for all hotels accommodated,
for those who frequent the bar, wellness and aesthetics.
  2) All the curtains have been washed;
  3) All the flooring and carpets of the hotel have been washed and sanitized;
  4) In the common areas there are suitable automatic devices for air sanitization with UVC rays;
  5) All rooms have been sanitized and will be restored at each change of Guest with generator
      professional ozone;
  6) In the dining room as in the breakfast room there is a distance between one table and another;
  7) Various devices for the distribution of sanitizers are provided at the hotel entrances;
  8) The collaborators have been adequately trained in relation to the provisions useful for combating the virus;
  9) The water in the swimming pools is periodically certified free of pathogens;
10) The water in the plumbing system of the entire structure is certified free of legionella.